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Traceability & Warehouse

Working in high tech markets such us healthcare, avionics, railways requires to completely control the design and manufacturing processes linking every single component accepted during incoming control with the final end product Part Number and Serial Number the company is selling.

In order to make sure this process is 100% under control authomatized procedures are required. DAVE Embedded Systems, in order to accomplish with this task has completely organized its warehouse implementing a complete traceability system which grants:

  • datacode management
  • supplier information properly loaded in DAVE Embedded Systems'database thanks to
  • Unique IDentifier code per each item
  • authomatic matching system in order to link warehouse picking with the SMT process and testing process

with this system currently DAVE Embedded Systems is able, upon request, to provide customers (when required) the complete traceability of its productions in order to make sure any problem can be traced and verified since all information are tracked.

All these processes were set in DAVE EMbedded Systems because of our target is to be ready for serve custmers with high standard levels for design and manufacturing Embedded Systems. 

This is the DAVE Embedded Systems' mission: design high end embedded systems with no compromises.


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