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ToloMEO is your Embedded Assistant. With ToloMEO the connected embedded system is made easy. ToloMEO enables a number of services from the Edge to the Cloud directly available on your embedded device. ToloMEO is designed to extend the capabilities of the edge platform with the services from the cloud. In DAVE we design we have a long story of edge device design, now, with ToloMEO we will extend our system with new services.
You leverage our ready-to-use solution and you can accelerate and focus on your product development.

You will take care of your application, we will manage all the core and side functionalities you need to create your unique application.

ToloMEO is natively supported on DAVE Embedded Systems' solutions and can be easily and quickly enabled on all embedded devices using System On Modules.

With ToloMEO it is possible to access a suite of functionalities to enhance your product with IoT, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Cyber Security capabilities. Everything is supported by the Embedded Device Manager.

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How ToloMEO works?

ToloMEO is a web based platform which enables users to interact actively with edge devices remotely distributed on the field. The edge devices are configured with an ad-hoc SW distribution which support partially or completely the ToloMEO functionalities (Depend on device resources). Via an IoT secure link, ToloMEO can configure the edge device according to the users requirements. The users have access to all ToloMEO functions and can design their fleet management customizeing all aspects of ToloMEO

What ToloMEO offers?

ToloMEO has various modules. The very basic module is the User and Data Management module which ensure users to define their fleet management system. Then IoT/Machine Learning/Blockchain module/Security and Embedded Manager modules are available with different level of optionals.

  • IoT Module IoT Module
  • Machine Learning Module
  • Blockchain Module
  • Cyber Security Module
  • Embedded Manager Module

How ToloMEO is made

ToloMEO is composed by:

  • Web APP for:
    • User and Project Management
    • Data Management
    • UI front end
  • Edge device image for cloud communication and interoperability

The UI front end can be customized by customers directly. Additionally, customers can interact with ToloMEO via APIs and design their own Web APP

Is ToloMEO secure?

Yes but depends on you, ToloMEO is designed for Healthcare applications. DATA Management is very crucial for us. We have defined different level of data protection and management. Then it is up to you to get them in order to get the best security level.


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ToloMEO is split into several modules both on the edge and cloud side.

  • IoT Module IoT: connect the edge with the cloud and send the data you need. ToloMEO will take care of many other useful communications like updates and working information.
  • Machine Learning: collect data and learn from them maximizing the hybrid architecture of edge and cloud.
  • Blockchain: provide legal value to your data and processes.
  • Cyber Security: ToloMEO is designed for regulated markets like medical and avionic markets.
  • Embedded Manager: ToloMEO has a wide range of preconfigured and pre-built setups to speed up the development and improve the quality of the final product.Embedded Manager Module

Design Principles

Ready-to-use but customizable

ToloMEO is ready-to-use but at the same time you can customize it to fit your design.
You SAVE development TIME and your product has faster access to the market.
You REDUCE development upfront COSTS and you can tune your costs based on the module you need.
You INCREASE the QUALITY of your solution leveraging the extensive tests made on the ToloMEO platform on regulated markets and on previous developed solutions.


ToloMEO is spread from the edge hardware to the cloud service. With toloMEO you can develop seamless and painless applications integrating hardware and software from the edge to the cloud. ToloMEO uses the power available on the edge board like graphics and video accelerator and machine learning modules and extends them with the services available on the cloud.

Innovative / integrated

ToloMEO is integrated with many proprietary and third party services. 
We mix the most innovative technical features from the silicon vendor and extend them with the cloud world. Some examples are: natively integrated block chain to validate transactions on the edge and on the main chain; ML for training and inference designed for mixed (cloud, fog, edge) environments with functionalities like split learning and federated learning using the hardware NN accelerators. 


Our boards are designed to last long and to be supported with long life programs.
We follow the best quality standards on hardware and software design and manufacturer to provide you the best product. Everything is tested to be secure and reliable. ToloMEO is designed for regulated markets and it follows high demanding quality standards.
We proactively monitor the systems performance in the market to find problems and with the OTA modules we can fix or mitigate most of the problems.


ToloMEO is designed for regulated markets like Healthcare and Space. DATA Management is very crucial for us. We have defined different levels of data protection and management. Then it is up to you to get them in order to get the best security level.



ToloMEO EDGE is the OS with Docker capabilities. It is slim and secure.
All additional functionalities like OTA are installed in containers.
A template container is provided with the libraries for connection with ToloMEO Cloud.
Alongside ToloMEO Edge there is the DESK. DESK is the development platform for the edge device. Using DESK you can configure and rebuild the kernel and the OS using yocto.


The PMS (Product Management System) is a free available service to get production information from our manufacturing factories. With PMS you get information about production lots for traceability requirements of the regulated markets like medical devices market.
With ToloMEO PMS we want to increase transparency in our manufacturing processes.
The PMS is integrated with RMA and support so you can get realtime information of your tickets.


ToloMEO IoT is the link between the edge and the cloud.
ToloMEO IoT takes care of the background duties needed to establish a secure communication channel between the edge and the cloud like provisioning with secure certs and keys, channel encryption, users and devices authentication and authorizations. 

ToloMEO provides predefined channels/streams/automations/API for:

  • device configuration (partial update, audit, versioning)
  • commands (realtime commands, offline command queue)
  • status (network connectivity, system errors, power supply, extendible to application status). 
  • notifications: realtime channel for events/alarms/notifications
  • Customizable data streams with offline management.


Data collected with ToloMEO IoT can be used both to infer and to retrain AI models. 
ToloMEO AI provides the features you need for MLOps both on the edge and on the cloud.
ToloMEO AI provides a framework for federated and split learning between edge and cloud.

ToloMEO BlockChain

ToloMEO Blockchain module can record data and events in a public authorized/certified blockchain. Data recorded on blockchain have legal value and can be used for notary processes. ToloMEO blockchain manages the deployment of smart contracts to automate digital transactions.

ToloMEO Regulated (Medical, Avionics, Space) - Cybersecurity

ToloMEO is designed and developed to be compliant with the most regulated market like medical, avionics and space. ToloMEO modules are extensively tested and monitored for bugs. Bugs can be easily fixed using the OTA update of the edge devices and the strong management of the authentication processes allow the administrators to block malign users or devices.


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