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The energy management in the railways' rolling stock


Transportation is a challenging world where the regulations and the environment are really severe. Traditionally the power consumption of these devices was not a priority but nowadays everything is changing. The rolling stock should be more environmental friendly and save energy whenever is possible. The annual energy consumption in transport in the EEA-33 is about 19.9% of overall energy consumption in 2019 (Source EEA). This means that improving energy management is a big deal and brings to real enormous savings and a better environmental impact.


In this global scenario, there are numerous actions that can and sometimes must be done to ensure better energy management. For sure Industrial IoT is one of the enabling technologies which permits higher product integration and monitoring permitting us to understand better where energy is used and why. With this new perspective, it is possible for key decision players to re-arrange the energy usage in other to save energy or deliver it better with higher efficiency. The railways' transportation is one of these areas which should be monitored and analyzed in order to make the right decisions and then actions.

Having the rolling stocks connected enables these good perspectives. Providing edge solutions suitable for EN50155 environment connected to the cloud is the mission for our customers and for us in order to make the world a better place.

THE KEY ROLE OF DAVE Embedded Systems:

Design such a device is not for dummies, especially because of product suitable for the Railway's Market should be available for a very long time (not seldom it is spoken 30years!) and very reliable and robust because of the EN50155 is a very severe regulation and, at the end of the day, the real environment where these devices are installed could be very harsh.

The Key role of DAVE Embedded Systems was to design such a custom System On Module capable to operate in this world and provide the customers with the Board Support Package and the hardware solution for many years. This product is used for connecting the edge with the cloud in order to move data from the field that is generated to the central brain which should decode the data and understand the process.


The customer is an international company that manufactures industrial solutions for energy management in various areas including Railways' transportation. Their business is focused on providing energy management solutions for many years. With the Internet Of Things age, they have started developing connected devices for their market and were looking for a reliable partner with the proper know how for the Railways' business.

In particular, they were looking for a solution:

  • available for a very long time (more than 10years)
  • with the upgradable option (with a custom redesign)
  • SW support from the manufacturer also on old Linux distributions
  • which integrates an FPGA for custom developments

The customer found these features in DAVE Embedded Systems product portfolio and Know-How.


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