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Connected with DAVE Embedded Systems means connected to our Embedded World of news about our portfolio of services and products. IoT and Machine Learning are just two of the areas were we develop our business and release frequent updates.

21 February 2024

DESK-MX9-L is the Embedded Software Kit available for the new AURA SOM

14 February 2024

We have honored the tradition and gathered for a meal featuring herring (called "renga" in the diale...

08 February 2024

DESK-XZ7-L is the new Embedded Software Kit for BORA, BORA Xpress and BORA Lite SOM

01 February 2024

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26 January 2024

A new Single Board Computer product in our portfolio, designed to meet the specific needs of the med...

09 January 2024

DESK-MX8M-L-4.0.0 for SBC ORCA, ORCA SOM and MITO 8M Mini SOM has been released

14 December 2023

Some photos from the celebrations for the 25th anniversary of DAVE Embedded Systems

05 December 2023

Our closures from December 22nd to January 7th

01 December 2023

Discover the new section on the website to explore the evolution of DAVE Embedded Systems products