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IoT Services

DAVE Embedded Systems' role is to enable customers to build their own cloud infrastructure by supporting the SW and HW development which enables the connection between the edge and the cloud. In this scenario the DAVE Embedded Systems know how on embedded systems and the knowledge about the most known platforms such us Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Watson and Microsoft Azure is a good reason to start a discussion about wha DAVE Embedded can do in this field for customers.

DAVE Embedded Systems offers a turn key solution to customers: in this scenario the customers have to concentrate on define the guidelines and the user experience specifications. The rest is on DAVE Embedded Systems’ responsability. This solution avoid any issue to customers who have only one responsible for the whole project.

EDGE side Services

  • MQTT daemon design cross-platform (AWS, Azure, IBM Watson)
  • Local Datalogging and partitioning
  • WDT and RTC strategy definition
  • Local update management
  • Service management
  • CVE monitoring update and maintenance

Cloud Services

  • Certificate management
  • On field Device management
  • Remote updates / OTA
  • Supported various platforms (AWS, Azure, IBM Watson)
  • Datalogging and data analysis

GUI design Services

  • Dashboard design for various access levels(Management, operators, service, etc..)
  • Security level access control
  • Graphical design and SW implementation
  • Preventive maintenance dashboard and optimization based on dataflow analysis

Security Services

  • Secure Boot
  • Public/Private certificate generators deployment and management
  • Secure after sales service with specific tools and hardware keys
  • IEC 62443 design oriented

How we work

What we offer in short

DAVE Embedded Systems offers the above services with two possible approaches:

  • based on binding formal quotation after discussions and effort evaluation
  • based on Time & Material approach with an initial estimation of the effort
The on board mechanism

The standard approach requires an initial contact with the technical team. Customer s together the team defines:

  • The technical specification
  • The scope of Supply
  • The Acceptance Criterias jointly used for evaluate the task and approve it
The deployment

Depending on the requested task, the project is managed via gantt approach with multiple tasks with peer review (both internals and shared with customers). The typical deployment is then shared with customers via a dedicated wiki structure (like this but private between DAVE Embedded Systems and customers) and a dedicated project branch on our Gitlab server.

The maintenance/upgrade

Depending on the requested task, the project may require a regular service for updates and improvements (such as the CVE monitoring and resolution via updated version of the Linux kernel). In this case, this service is released regularly via sw updates in our Gitlab server with release candidates and official releases.


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