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Design an Embedded Systems requires to integrate different skills in different areas. DAVE Embedded Systems’ business model is designed around this concept. We provide a number of services in order to support customers with our soft skills in the design and development of embedded solutions. We provide support by designing custom hardware solutions like carrier boards or single board computers. We offer our competence in designing Graphical User Interfaces and/or tailorize the sw design on the embedded device. Additionally we look after the connectivity and the edge/cloud interface designing secure solutions. Last but not least, Machine Learning is another service we propose in order to support customers focused on their mission which needs to use this sofisticated technology.

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I nostri prodotti

Portfolio of ready to use solutions for your new project

Our products portfolio is designed for support your new project. These solutions are based on our embedded market vision and experience. Both System On Modules and Single Board Computers are ready to use in markets like industrial automation, healthcare and avionics. These solutions can be the most important brick into your product block diagram. For this reason the main focus for us is to grant a high reliability, a very long longevity and a manufacturing continuity to our customers. Per each product there is an evaluation kit available you can purchase also on our website. Last but not least the DAVE Embedded Systems’ brand identity is very important for us and we like it so we decied to share this with you!

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DAVE Embedded Systems’ solutions can be used in a wide range of sectors.
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