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BORA Xpress SOM - Zynq 7000

Processor: Xilinx "Zynq" XC7Z015 / XC7Z030

BORA Xpress is the top-class Dual Cortex-A9 + FPGA CPU module by DAVE Embedded Systems, based on the recent Xilinx "Zynq" XC7Z015 / XC7Z030 application processor.

BORA Xpress offers great computational power, thanks to the rich set of peripherals, the Dual Cortex-A9 and the Artix-7 FPGA inside. 

BORA Xpress is designed in order to keep full compatibility with theULTRA Line CPU modules, to guarantee the premium quality and technical value of those customers that require top performances.

Main Features

  • Unmatched performance thanks to Dual ARM Cortex-A9 @ up to 1GHz
  • SERDES: Xpress lanes up to 6.25 Gbps
  • All memories you need: on-board NOR and NAND Flash
  • Enabling smarter system thanks to Artix-7 or Kintex-7 FPGA integrated on-chip
  • FPGA banks wide range PSU input from 1.2V to 3.3V
  • Highest security and reliability: internal voltage monitoring and power good enable
  • Reduced carrier complexity: dual CAN, USB, Ethernet GB and native 3.3 V I/O
  • Easy to fit thanks to its small form factor
  • Accurate timing application thanks to on-board 5ppm RTC
  • Pin2Pin Compatibility with BORA SOM based on Zynq XC7Z010/XC7Z020


Block Diagram


TOP View
Technical Information

  • Xilinx Dual ARM Cortex-A9 ZYNQ
  • XC7Z015/XC7Z030 @ up to 1GHz
  • On-board power supply supervision
  • and power sequencer;
  • Watchdog and RTC
  • 32Kbyte instruction, 32Kbyte data
  • 512Kbyte L2 for each core
  • SDRAM: Up to 1GB DDR3 @533MHz
  • NOR: Bootable SPI NOR 8, 16 MB 
  • NAND: All sizes, on request 
  • LAN: Fast Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps Additional RMII interface
  • UART: up to 2x UART ports
  • USB: up to 2x 2 OTG port
  • CAN: up to 2x CAN
  • Debug:
    • JTAG IEEE 1149.1 Test Access Port
    • CoreSight™ and Program Trace Macrocell (PTM)
  • Other:
    • PC Card: 2 x SD/SDIO 2.0/MMC 3.31
    • compliant controllers
    • up to 2 x I2C channels
    • up to 2 x SPI channels
    • GPIO available
  • Model:  Artix-7 (Z-7015) / Kintex-7 (Z-7030)
  • Logic Cells: 74K / 125 K
  • LUTs: 46K / 78K
  • Flip Flops: 92K / 157K
  • RAM: 380KB / 1060 KB
  • DSP Slices: 160 / 400
  • Diferential Pairs:  Up to 4 PCI Express gen2
  • Connectors: 3 x 140 pin 0.6mm pitch
  • Size: 85mm x 50mm
  • Temperature range:
    • Commercial (0°C / +70°C) temperature range
    • Industrial (-40°C / +85°C) temperature range
Power Supply
  • Input: 3.3V, on-board voltage regulation
  • FPGA banks: PSU can be provided externally 
  • Bootloader: U-Boot
  • Multitasking: Linux 3.x.x


Evaluation kits

The official evaluation kit for BORA Xpress SOM. This solution includes a SOM and all necesary for the fast and easy evaluation

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