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Manufacturing an Embedded Systems

DAVE Embedded Systems designs and develops its products in Italy, in the Porcia plant in the province of Pordenone, where the company is based.


Northeast Italy is an area with a strong industrial vocation. Its economic fabric is made up in particular of small and medium-sized enterprises with a strong specialization in the various phases of product development.


The story of DAVE Embedded Systems was born and grew up in this panorama, giving life to a company know-how that integrates the research and development sector in an essential way to the multiple manufacturing skills.


In our production department , we combine electronic skills, essential for the design of an embedded system, with in-depth knowledge of the chemical and metallurgical, mechanical and statistical sectors. Processes such as welding, electronic and mechanical assembly and the testing and monitoring phase are carried out internally by qualified personnel, carefully selected by the company and continuously trained and updated, so as to provide a product that complies with market and safety standards.


DAVE Embedded Systems' philosophy is expressed precisely through this work process: we follow the entire product creation cycle, from the electronic design, to mechanical assembly, to software implementation, guaranteeing our customers a product tailored to their needs, designed to remain in the field for many years (in some cases decades) to come.


Our specializations and internal services also concern:

  • Calculating the metric MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) , i.e. the mean time between two failures of an embedded system
  • Conformal coating and masking of embedded systems
  • Potting for the protection of electronic components from critical factors such as environmental aggressions, dust, etc.
  • Traceability and warehouse


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