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About us

DAVE Embedded Systems is an Italian company founded in 1998 in Porcia, in the province of Pordenone, specialized in the design and production of embedded systems.

We are a consolidated and constantly growing reality, whose goal is to provide solutions tailored to specific customer needs: starting from a System on Module (SOM) or a Single Board Computer (SBC) based on the latest technologies – such as Multi-Core ARM Cortex, PowerPC and X86 from our technology partners NXP, Xilinx, ST Microelectronics and Texas Instrumentswe design and build embedded systems for different types of applications with hardware and software design skills that allow us to offer a vast portfolio of services.

The main sectors of use of our embedded systems are industrial automation, healthcare, home automation, transport, automotive, defence and space. For the latter area, in 2023 we were included in the catalogue of the Italian national space industry (www.italianspaceindustry.it) which brings together all the companies involved in the supply chain for projects dedicated to space.

Another important sector is that of software development, which we have grown over the years up to the creation of ToloMEO, our package of software services that can be integrated on every embedded system: a suite of functions thanks to the modules available for IoT, Machine Learning, Industrial Blockchain, Cyber Security and, last but not least, Embedded Device Manager.

The entire development and production project of DAVE Embedded Systems takes place in-house and in compliance with market standards. Our R&D department is joined by a highly specialized Manufacturing sector, which is able to perform even complex processes such as the SnPb welding process for avionics and the sealing/coating of BGA components.

DAVE Embedded Systems: where quality happens!


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