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About us

DAVE Embedded Systems is a well-established and constantly growing Italian company, focused on designing, manufacturing embedded systems solutions. DAVE Embedded Systems provides solutions starting from System On Module (SoM) based on the latest technologies (e.g. Multi-Core ARM Cortex, PowerPC and X86 based on NXP, Xilinx, ST Microelectronics and Texas Instruments) to the concept and design of a complete embedded solution. Principal sectors are Industrial Automation, Healthcare, Home Automation, Railways/Transportation, Automotive and Defence/Aerospace.

Design an embedded solution requires knowing about hardware and software. DAVE Embedded Systems provides a huge portfolio of services including: Board Support Package tailoring, custom hardware designs, mechanical design and integration. Moreover, on the application side, DAVE Embedded Systems is able to provide Uzser Experience solutions, Internet of Things on the edge and on the cloud solutions, and, last but not least, Machine Learning algorithm, training design, and deployment.

DAVE Embedded Systems has its manufacturing facility where products are prepared for customers according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards including special services such us SnPb soldering process for avionics and sealing/coating of BGA components.

DAVE Embedded Systems: your embedded solution partner

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