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DAVE Embedded Systems is a well-established and constantly growing Italian company, focused on designing, manufacturing and selling of miniaturized embedded systems solutions.

Support and assistance provided to many Italian and foreign companies mainly concerns the design of microprocessor platforms, based on Linux, Windows or Android.

DAVE Embedded Systems provides solutions from the CPU modules or System On Module (SoM) based on the latest technologies (e.g. Multi-Core ARM Cortex, PowerPC and X86 based on NXP and Texas Instruments) for the typical high-end markets such us medical and automotive.

Thanks to the experience acquired in different areas, DAVE Embedded Systems is the best partner for hardware solutions, designed on specific customer requirements reducing the time-to-market.

An high degree of satisfaction can be achieved if DAVE Embedded Systems is able to establish a strong relationship with customer.

In DAVE Embedded Systems' philosophy it's all about customers. DAVE Embedded Systems operates in order to enhance the importance of customer's needs. DAVE Embedded Systems' networking is a partners interconnection created in order to satisfy all parties involved in a project. The DAVE Embedded Systems-customer relationship shall be based on open mind communication, an effective transparency and a clear information through all the product design process. It is in this important points that DAVE Embedded Systems is able to provide its unique support based on its knowledge built on experience.

DAVE Embedded Systems' Company presentation

If you want to download the DAVE Embedded Systems' official company presentation please download the following PDF version

DAVE Embedded Systems' R&D dept. overview

New Product based on NXP i.MX8 M presentation

i.MX8 SOM is designed in order to keep full compatibility with the LITE Line CPU modules, for designs where quality and reliability are important factors PLUS compatibility of AXEL LITE SOM.

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