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Processor:  Xilinx  "Zynq" XC7007S / XC7Z010 / XC7Z020

BORA is the top-class Single and Dual Cortex-A9 + FPGA CPU module by DAVE Embedded Systems, based on the recent Xilinx "Zynq" XC7Z007S /  XC7Z014S / XC7Z010 / XC7Z020 application processor.

BORA offers great computational power, thanks to the rich set of peripherals, the Dual Cortex-A9 and the Artix-7 FPGA inside.

BORA is designed in order to keep full compatibility with the Ultra Line CPU modules, to guarantee the premium quality and technical value of those customers that requires top performances.

Main Features

  • Unmatched performance thanks to Single/Dual ARM Cortex-A9 @800MHz
  • All memories you need: On board NOR and NAND Flash Memory
  • Enabling smarter system thanks to Artix-7 FPGA integrated on-chip
  • FPGA banks wide range PSU input from 1.2V to 3.3V
  • Highest security and reliability: Internal voltage monitoring and power good enable
  • Reduced carrier complexity: DUAL CAN, USB, Ethernet GB and native 3.3 V I/O
  • Easy to fit thanks to its small form factor
  • Precise timing application thanks to 5ppm RTC on board

Marketing Documentation

BORA Leaflet

BORA Block Diagram


Evaluation Kit

BORA Evaluation Kit BELK-L-S is a carrier board designed to host BORA SoM. It is composed by 1 HW layer plus the SOM:

  • BORA Lite Host Board

See below the HW documentation related to this evaluation kit:

BORA EVK documentation main page

BORA Host Board HW documentation

Regarding the SW documentation. BORA has a unique SW development kit called BELK. Below some useful links to documentation:

BORA SW development Kit documentation

BORA Quick Start Guide documentation

Wiki developers guide for BORA Lite


For RFQ please contact sales@dave.eu or fill the form

 The Evaluation Kit is also available for sales on Digikey and Mouser.  You can also get some samples of AXEL LITE SoM on Mouser


Case Histories

CASE HISTORY: DAVE Embedded Systems' BORA XILINX ZYNQ SoM with Lumineq Display

CASE HISTORY: Emtas offered CANopen protocol stack into the Zynq based CPU module on BORA

 CASE HISTORY: Space-grade IC validation device design and support

 CASE HISTORY: Road marking vehicle control system: the best fit for BORA SOM

 CASE HISTORY: Airborne application for object detection



Application Notes

BELK-AN-001: Asymmetric Multiprocessing (AMP) on Bora – Linux FreeRTOS

BELK-AN-002: Trace on the Bora AMP (Linux + FreeRTOS) system


AN-BELK-004: Interfacing Xilinx Zynq EVB to TFT LCD display

BELK-AN-005: Interfacing BoraEVB to thin film electroluminescent display

AN-BELK-006: Enabling dual Gigabit Ethernet support on Xilinx Zynq EVB

BELK-AN-007: Asymmetric Multiprocessing (AMP) on Bora/BoraX with OpenAMP

BELK-AN-008: Programming the FPGA Bitstream with U-Boot

BELK-AN-009: Using Visual Studio Code for remote debugging



Technical Notes

BELK-TN-001: Real-timeness, system integrity and TrustZone® technology on AMP configuration

BELK-TN-003: Video processing and hardware/software partitioning

BELK-TN-004: Managing both Ethernet ports with U-Boot (BoraEVB/BoraXEVB)

BELK-TN-005: Running PYNQ on Bora

BELK-TN-006: Using PetaLinux to Build BELK/BXELK Software Components

BELK-TN-007: FreeRTOS on single-core Bora Lite SoM

BELK-TN-008: Integrating Visual Studio Code and Lauterbach PowerView TRACE32

Software Updates - LONG TERM SUPPORT:

DAVE Embedded Systems is committed to provide updated software along the life cycles of its products. This is possible maintaining products aligned with Silicon Vendor releases. Additionally to this the bug fixes are committed and published on GIT server. More information on how to have access to this are available HERE



Bar code labels policy in DAVE Embedded Systems

QR code labels

System On Module HW and SW version mechanism for safe update on field



DAVE Embedded Systems certifications available certifications:

ISO 13485

ISO 9001

REACH regulation

RoHS regulation

Conflict Mineral

Origin Declaration


DAVE Embedded Systems is a Certified Member of Xilinx Alliance Program


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