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Advanced low latency video mixer

It is interesting how, nowdays, it is fundamental to increase the computing immediately after the video acquisition. This is very important in order to improve the system reaction and video quality. For this reason DAVE Embedded Systems was engaged to design a complex video mixer able to receive different video streams from the field and, based on supervisor inputs, change and manage the output video streams. In particular with this system it is possible to:

  • mix the video inputs positioning a picture in picture
  • swap the video streams
  • get videos from SDI inputs
  • get videos from PAL inputs
  • get videos from DVI input
  • create dual SDI outputs
  • create dual PAL outputs
  • create one PAL output plus one SDI output
  • include text overlays
  • include customized shapes
  • manage many complex I/Os (USB, uSD, ETHernet, RS485, CAN, ...)

everything with a video latency IN/OUT lower than 40ms (in the best possible conditions). DAVE Embedded Systems role in this project includes:

  • complete HW design of electronic boards according to customer mechanical constraints
  • complete FPGA fabric design
  • test and qualification
  • linux integration and RFS preparation

Due to the intial requirements the projects started with a feasibility study of several months which enabled the final HW and SW design that took only 6 months (+qualification). This product is based on DAVE Embedded Systems' SOM BORA Xpress based on Xilinx Zynq XC7030 and can be used in many possible application (not only MIL Aero) such as:

  • video surveillance systems
  • board control
  • terrestrial control

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