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The typical GUI design and development: the vending machine case history


The coffee break is a familiar moment of conviviality in the workplace and beyond, in which vending machines are one of the focuses and an influential element within its role of suppliers of food and drinks. Until now, the aesthetic characteristics of the displays integrated into these systems are principally designed to allow the most relevant selection purposes, demonstrating the progress of preparation and the amount of money inserted or used: these are the main features people need to know, but recently companies in this sector begun to realize that they can provide a much higher level service that attracts the attention of those who are on a break, and therefore satisfy them more profoundly and in a personalized and dynamic way. Given the importance covered by these machines, broad groups of users are likely to appreciate improvements and additional services.


As regards this project, in particular, the main design concerns the idea of a new generation and technologically advanced display, capable of providing an experience comparable to that of a computer or a smartphone, resulting in the creation of a high-end vending machine. Through this powerful monitor, it is, in fact, possible to view videos and images even remotely, connecting to a proprietary wifi network, as well as providing advertising services for third parties and reproducing multimedia content, including breaking news.
By using graphic solutions like QT Libraries, it is possible to focus heavily on visual resolution and aesthetics, without renouncing interactivity and performance: each customer can interface with the vending machine and perform advanced requests, while always keeping in mind the state of progress of the drink requested and all the classically provided information.
Besides, it is possible to include in the system a camera capable of profiling the user and customizing the contents proposed from time to time, as well as personalizing the displayed advertising.

DAVE Embedded Systems' KEY ROLE:

DAVE Embedded Systems, with its numerous years of experience and practice in the development of hardware and software systems, has been responsible for providing the beating heart of this innovative service model. Through the use of the AXEL LITE System On Module, they developed a processor capable of interfacing with the customer and executing its queries, downloading multimedia contents from the web and reproducing them, as well as interfacing with the vending machine to monitor the status of the selected drink. Furthermore, it can ask questions to the user basing on dynamic profiling to allow advanced and detailed searches.
DAVE Embedded Systems, with its renowned professionalism, has created a specific product for the customer's needs, following it step by step in the development of the entire final product. For further references on AXEL LITE SOM, please consult the documentation at the following link https://www.dave.eu/products/som/freescale/imx6_axel-lite


The Company is one of the leaders in the field of design and creation of vending machines and aspired to give an innovative technological turn to its product: it needed to obtain a specific processor capable of mediating among the particular functions provided. In this way, their traditional system could have opened up to an entirely new business model, also linked to the sale of advertising and new media, as well as the usual beverage service.
In DAVE Embedded Systems they found a trusted and loyal collaborator, capable of providing extensive skills throughout the product design: the processor supplied is the top of the range and the connected service is of extremely high quality.


Please refer to the following application block diagram for an easier comprehension of the proposed system:

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