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DAVE Embedded Systems' Android Customization for wall mount tablets


Nowadays' Home Automation' integrates a number of interconnected and remotely-controlled devices in order to provide a greater than ever user experience to the customers. In this scenario, the market demand is gradually adopting indoor solutions such as house-monitoring wall-mounted displays and panels. Generally, a domotic system can be configured and monitored through different devices such as tablets and smartphones but many customers till prefer to have a customized wall-mounted display. Nowadays, anyone is used to play with mobile software applications. For this reason, many solutions are usually based on Android applications or Web applications which can be connected to Amazon Alexa-like technologies. The main concern about the tablet and mobile devices is related to the short life cycle each device has which requires domotic companies to spend huge budgets on the SW maintenance. A way to solve this problem is to adopt long-life solutions. DAVE Embedded Systems developed an android-based wall-mounted display, designed with electronic hardware solutions capable of working properly for at least 10 years.


In the Home Automation market segment, the wall-mount display is an element typically included in high-end solutions (including private houses and hotels). This type of solution pays particular attention to details: the clean design lines of the glass and the capacitive touch screen convey an eye-catching aesthetic value, and the Android Operating system includes cloud-based configuration interfaces that allow remote control and configuration. The product, hence, works as a smartphone to provide an easy-to-use experience: the app-based platform leads the customer to simply and quickly manage his domotics, always respecting the privacy. The added value for our customers is to provide to their end-customers stable solutions, available for years where they can grant software upgrades and hardware availability with a smaller budget than support consumer tablets or mobile devices.

DAVE Embedded Systems' KEY ROLE:

DAVE Embedded Systems' long-lasting experience in the field, lead to an extensive development able to create an innovative product that can be adapted to numerous scenarios. In particular, in this case, the ability to deep manage the AOSP (Android Open Source Package) enables the creation of a specially designed system with a strong user experience improvement. This project is based on the top-class Single - Dual - Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU module AXEL LITE, a highly-scalable compact solution presented within the resource document at the link: https://www.dave.eu/products/som/freescale/imx6_axel-lite. The System On Module is connected via Ethernet POE (Power Over Ethernet) with the Home Automation network and displays the information on the LCD screen. Moreover, this solution integrates touch screens, audio signals, and microphones for extensive and inclusive user experience.


The Company's reference market is the Home Automation segment. According to its vocational high-level development, this company was looking for a partner with value-added technical support to properly define an innovative solution. The cooperation provided by DAVE Embedded System has generated a profitable synergy with final high-performing product improvement and an operating system customized as expected by marketing team.


The final system can be described with the following application block diagram:

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