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A complete embedded device solution design: a professional oven case history


Considering the importance of efficiency in the professional cooking sector, nowadays' new generation technologies have to be able to prevent undesirable accidents due to hurry and human error while guaranteeing total control on interactions between cooks and tools.
Systems developed for this goal are, therefore, necessarily precise and easily manageable, even from a non-tech user: the interaction must allow intuitive and quick advanced settings and navigation.
In this study, in particular, the cook can insert personalized recipes through a flexible touch interface connected to a reliable database: therefore, the result must be focused on the user experience and enabled to understand preferences and needs, implementing easy-learning and quickly customizable solutions.


In this scenario, innovation should go beyond traditional electromechanical systems and integrate advanced processors (SOC - System On Chip) and graphical frameworks. Hence, the final product has to be innovative, versatile, and durable, with an attractive design and an effective regulatory system: in fact, these are the core features developed in this case history.
From the human-machine interaction point of view, the safety in the user's activities is controlled by an FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array), which can effectively monitor the whole process and quickly communicate with responsive feedback.
From the integrated display's side, instead, the main feature of the GUI system itself is the powerfulness of the Android-based graphic middleware framework (a Java APK). First of all, the interaction design is easy to use, thanks to the well-known smartphone-like interface, which allows the user to manage the settings intuitively and smartly. Furthermore, it is easily updatable through time, which means that its obsolescence is further lower than any other oven in the market and it is uniquely related to components deterioration: the operative system is, therefore, always optimized with the most recent revisions to guarantee the best performance for longer times.

DAVE Embedded Systems' KEY ROLE:

For this complex product, DAVE Embedded Systems, with its acknowledged expertise and professionalism, developed both the system which manages the GUI and the HMI and the one that controls the implementation of the electromechanical operations. The solution offered to the customer company is, therefore, a complete fully-working oven: moreover, the GUI is innovative and simple to use, without giving up a product full of features and with an advanced database.
DAVE Embedded Systems' in-depth knowledge of superior electronic systems realization allowed to adapt the AXEL LITE System On Module (SOM) to act as an intermediary among the different parts of the oven: it is a mediator of the electromechanical components and the high-level interface software as it manages and elaborates input/output commands among the various parts, guaranteeing simplicity and safety.
For further information about the AXEL LITE module, please check the reference section at https://www.dave.eu/products/som/freescale/imx6_axel-lite


The Company is a professional cooking product manufacturer, which needed to renew its ovens from electromechanical to electronic, including especially the most advanced technologies and techniques to develop a top-class innovation. DAVE Embedded Systems provided the customer a complete collaboration and expertise within the whole Research and Development process, particularly regarding the electronic management components.


This innovative product's main features can be clarified with the following application block diagram:

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