Zynq XC7Z015/XC7Z030 BORA Xpress

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Zynq XC7Z015/XC7Z030 BORA Xpress

Processor:  Xilinx  "Zynq" XC7Z015 / XC7Z030

BORA Xpress is the top-class Dual Cortex-A9 + FPGA CPU module by DAVE Embedded Systems, based on the recent Xilinx "Zynq" XC7Z015 / XC7Z030 application processor.

BORA Xpress offers great computational power, thanks to the rich set of peripherals, the Dual Cortex-A9 and the Artix-7 FPGA inside. 

BORA Xpress is designed in order to keep full compatibility with the ULTRA Line CPU modules, to guarantee the premium quality and technical value of those customers that require top performances.

Main Features

  • Unmatched performance thanks to Dual ARM Cortex-A9 @ up to 1GHz
  • SERDES: Xpress lanes up to 6.25 Gbps
  • All memories you need: on-board NOR and NAND Flash
  • Enabling smarter system thanks to Artix-7 or Kintex-7 FPGA integrated on-chip
  • FPGA banks wide range PSU input from 1.2V to 3.3V
  • Highest security and reliability: internal voltage monitoring and power good enable
  • Reduced carrier complexity: dual CAN, USB, Ethernet GB and native 3.3 V I/O
  • Easy to fit thanks to its small form factor
  • Accurate timing application thanks to on-board 5ppm RTC
  • Pin2Pin Compatibility with BORA SOM based on Zynq XC7Z010/XC7Z020



Xilinx Dual ARM Cortex-A9 ZYNQ XC7Z015/ZC7Z030 @ up to 1GHz


On-board power supply supervision and power sequencer
Watchdog and RTC




32 Kbyte instruction, 32 Kbyte data, 512 Kbyte L2 for each core


up to 1GB DDR3 @ 533 MHz


Bootable SPI NOR 8, 16 MB


All sizes, on request




Fast Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps
Additional RMII interface


up to 2x UART ports


up to 2x 2.0 OTG ports


up to 2x CAN


JTAG IEEE 1149.1 Test Access Port

CoreSightTM and Program Trace Macrocell (PTM)

PC Card

Up to 2 x SD/MMC card


Up to 6x I²C channels
Up to 6x SPI channel
GPIOs available




Artix-7 (Z-7015)

Kintex-7 (Z-7030)

Logic cells






Flip Flops






DSP Slices



Differential pairs

up to 4 PCI Express gen2




3 x 140 pin 0.6mm pitch


85 mm x 50 mm


Commercial (0°C / +70°C)
Industrial (-40°C / +85°C)




3.3V, on-board voltage regulation

FPGA banks

PSU can be provided externally






Linux 3.x.x


Marketing Documentation

BORA Xpress Leaflet

BORA Xpress Block Diagram


Hardware Documentation

BORA Xpress Hardware Manual

BORA Xpress 3D Mechanical Drawing (STEP format)

BORA Xpress routing options (ODS format) this tool helps analysing on SoM's evaluation board


Other Technical Information

DAVE Embedded Systems Developer's Wiki:  BORA Xpress main page


White Papers

BRX-WP002: Non-intrusive continuous multi-gigabit transceivers link monitoring

BRX-WP001: Real-timeness, system integrity and TrustZone® technology on AMP configuration


Case Histories

 SILICA presents BORA Xpress by DAVE Embedded Systems Xilinx Zynq XC7Z015/XC7Z030 CPU Module



SDSoC: Build and run SDSoC sample application on DAVE Embedded Systems' Xilinx Zynq BORA SOM


Press Releases

Enabling dual Gigabit Ethernet support on BoraEVB

BORA Xpress NEW Release


ARM Comparison Table

ARM Comparison Table


DAVE Embedded Systems is a Certified Member of Xilinx Alliance Program


Available Features

DAVE Embedded Systems is committed to provide customers with solutions which simplify the start up phase and accelerate the Time to Market. For this reason, additionally to HW services, also on software side many solutions are provided. These solutions are below listed and described in detail on the WIKI web site.

Linux O.S.:


BORA Xpress SOM is specifically designed for Linux O.S. DAVE Embedded Systems provides a complete Board Support Package with all drivers. These BSP is designed starting from the Xilinx SDK releases for Zynq Application Processor. DAVE Embedded Systems provides in conjunction also a reference Root File system based on Yocto. DAVE Embedded Systems is the unique company providing for Zynq a unique service and support on Linux thanks its huge Know How on ARM Application Processors. this evaluation kit is unique for BORA and BORA Xpress SOMs. HERE you can find more information.

Asymmetric Multi Processing:


AMP is available on Xilinx Zynq multicore solutions thanks to DAVE Embedded Systems' team research and developments. For more information about possible AMP configurations you can find more information about this topic:

AN-BELK-001: Asymmetric Multiprocessing (AMP) on Bora – Linux + FreeRTOS (PDF)

BRX-WP001: Real-timeness, system integrity and TrustZone® technology on AMP configuration

 AN-BELK-002: Trace on the Bora AMP (Linux + FreeRTOS) system (PDF)


DAVE Embedded Systems is actively working on ARM SoCs and FPGA for many years. Thanks to this huge expertise the SDSoC team is able to lead customers which are not FPGA experts onto this new field accelerating their projects and reducing close to zero the start up time. Within this approach customers are able to concentrate on thier unique know how accellerating their algorithms avoiding any start up time on FPGA knowledge which is leaded to DAVE Embedded Systems' team. HERE you can find more information.

IEC 61131 - Logic Lab Soft PLC:  

BORA SOM is specifically designed for industrial automation. Automations Industries use millions of SW written in IEC 61131 language. For this reason DAVE Embedded Systems has invested, together with his partner AXEL Software, on the availability of this SW tool over Xilinx Zynq solutions. HERE you can find more information.


Software releases:

DAVE Embedded Systems is committed to provide an easy to use solution for start the evaluation. All the system setup is pre-configured in a DAVE Embedded Systems Virtual Development Kit. The DAVE Embedded Systems DVDK is a virtual machine, based on Oracle VirtualBox that allows developers to start using DAVE Embedded Systems' platform without wasting time in installing the development environment. HERE you can find more information.


Software Updates - LONG TERM SUPPORT:

DAVE Embedded Systems is committed to provide updated software along the life cycles of its products. This is possible maintaining products aligned with Silicon Vendor releases. Additionally to this the bug fixes are committed and published on GIT server. More information on how to have access to this are available HERE

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