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Xilinx ZYNQ



ULTRA line

ULTRA Line CPU modules integrate the characteristics of the other lines in a state-of-the-art, full-performance, no-compromise package with enhanced mechanical retention.
PCIe interfaces and FPGA provide an infinite number of options and customizations.
Typical applications include security systems, medical imaging applications, automotive HMI, broadcasting, military applications and industrial process control systems (IPC).



These CPU modules integrate the LITE Line characteristics while adding important benefits and ensuring customers the greater flexibility required for complex applications and products.
ESATTA Line modules feature higher mechanical retention, more powerful processing capabilities, sophisticated algorithms on DSP, high-definition video computing and family-wide pin-to-pin compatibility.
ESATTA Line modules allow high product customization. Typical applications include HMI, automotive, medical and video surveillance applications.

LITE line



CPU modules with the best quality/price ratio. LITE Line modules have a default set of features and resources with a small range of mounting options.
They incorporate proven solutions in order to minimize risks and costs. LITE Line modules do not have assembly options and feature a simple power supply.
Typical applications include home automation (video intercom over IP), simple industrial interfaces and HMI, high-volume applications.


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