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AXEL Ultra Evaluation Kit

The official evaluation kit for AXEL Ultra SOM. This solution includes a SOM and all necessary for the fast and easy evaluation

€ 899.00 (Without tax)
€ 899.00 (Without tax)


AXEL Ultra Evaluation Kit is the official support platform for evaluation the AXEL Ultra SOM. This evaluation kit includes:

  1. the hardware with all useful items (power supply, cables, etc)
  2. The software pre-installed in a SD card
  3. The right to access to DAVE Embedded Systems’ repositories
  4. A live session (typically 4 hours) with tech team from DAVE Embedded Systems for:
    a) Virtual Machine configuration and first Hello World
    b) Evaluation board schematics review for fast hardware design startup
  5. Carrier board design review: once your board schematics are ready, we are available for review the design together and provide a first Device Tree Structure example based on your design