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New product: SBC ORCA Med - SDV27

26 January 2024

A new Single Board Computer product in the DAVE Embedded Systems portfolio: ORCA Med SBC is designed to meet the specific needs of the medical device market.

ORCA Med SBC is available as OEM board or boxed with an Aluminium Case. The robust design is suitable for medical applications and a package list of compliance reports is available to support the End User's EN ISO 60601, EN ISO 62304, EN ISO 14971 and ISO 13485 compliance process.

The ToloMEO Edge software integration takes care of the core functionalities needed for medical device like clock management, power management, updates and cybersecurity, that can be provided according to standards IEC 62443.

Also, the IIoT Services package available on ToloMEO provides a number of ready to use solutions which enable customers to create their own cloud solution for IoT, OTA Updates, Machine Learning, Blockchain solutions for Digital Contracting and Embedded SW management.

Discover more about ORCA Med SBC or contact us for more information.