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IoT services by DAVE Embedded Systems

12 November 2020

The research activity of DAVE Embedded Systems in the field of Artificial Intelligence and its application in the industrial field, Machine Learning, (we talked about it here) is developed starting from a practical and fundamental premise: the creation of integrated systems (the edge) connected to the network and able to exchange and process data intelligently. What is called Internet of Things is already a reality for us.

In a connected world, IoT is expanding rapidly in our everyday experience (from Voice Assistants, to trackers and smartwatches) while the IoT development in the industrial world is slower and more complex. For this reason, DAVE Embedded Systems supports its customers in the transition to a smarter production and service system. This is how our IoT service package was born: built around customers’ needs.

Be smart: IoT is the answer

Do you have an IoT project or requirement? Thanks to the collaboration with qualified partners and the use of the main cloud platforms, DAVE Embedded Systems, based on your needs, builds the most suitable IoT solution for your business.

Our package of solutions allows you to interconnect your devices, collect data from the field (the edge), manage and analyses (with or without AI services) and finally send them to the cloud for feeding the dashboards used by technicians and operators. No worries: from planning, to consulting, to security updates. DAVE Embedded Systems is by your side throughout the entire journey.

Zero Code programming

Our IoT services are also suitable for those who do not have specific training in the field of electronics. In fact, our solution is tailored to the specific customer. Among the various options, there is also the possibility of configuring your devices by programming the edge through a graphical interface that allows you to organize tasks by drag and drop, without any programming skills.


Our IoT services also includes cyber-security services including the protection during bootstrap (secure boot) against local attacks, and the software maintenance of security patches released periodically (CVE monitoring and maintenance) against remote attacks. Moreover DAVE Embedded Systems offers attention to the product design considering the existing and emerging regulations such as IEC 62443.

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