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IoT and Space applications: a success story by DAVE Embedded Systems

13 October 2022

Nowdays, big data analysis is a well-known concept used to described many different scenarios. This concept was not widely used about 8 years ago when the project we are talking about started.

The details of the project and the end customer are protected but the concept behind this project was to design a global data acquisition system about the weather conditions in order to store, analyse and provide valuable output to potential end customers.

The target was to design a system capable to get the information about the weather and deploy these information to the data storages. This task was concepted by the customer by designing small and flexible space satellites able to survive in the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and collect continuously the weather conditions, analyse them and send images and measured/analysed data to the earth.

In this scenario DAVE Embedded Systems has provided the intelligent nucleus of the satellite. This nucleus should be robust and able to survive a period in the space.

Actually several hundreds of satellites are deployed in the Low Earth Orbit.

Watch the video: