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Industrial IoT Gateway and ThingsBoard IoT

25 March 2022

In this new demonstration of DAVE Embedded Systems' technologies, we would like to show you how easy is the interface of an edge together with an IoT platform.

The Internet Of Things revolution has started several years ago. This phenomenon is connecting devices called EDGE to a remote location called Cloud. The basic idea is to transfer as much information as possible from the edge to the cloud. This process permits to analyze the information and create value.

People is interested to IoT if this brings to them some value. Lower maintenance costs, additional services like device remote control are just couple of examples where IoT is nowdays impacting our lives.

There are many ways to connect the EDGE with the Cloud and there are many ways to create your own cloud platfom. In this video we present a real promising open source platform called ThingsBoard IoT. This is a ready to use platform which provides the SW for the edge based on Mosquitto Broker and the IoT platform which runs on a PC, on a remote server or in cloud platform like AWS.

This solution is really simple and can be used in a standard Application Processor with a Linux Board Support Package. In this video we have used a NXP i.MX6 UL CPU. The connection is very easy and in a moment it is possible to populate and design a graphical user interface. As an example just watch the demo from Thingboard on fleet managment.

This result is achieved with only open source solutions. This was not possible since few years ago. Now is possible and DAVE Embedded Systems is committed to support customers in the Internet Of Things revolution including the EDGE and Cloud configuration and development.


Watch the video: