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Embedded Solutions' Roadmap

1 December 2023

We are glad to announce a significant addition to our website: a new section dedicated to the roadmap of our System on Module (SoM) products. This section provides users with an in-depth overview of the historical development of our products, as well as previews of future updates.

Key features of the new section:

  • Release history: users will have access to a detailed release history of our SoMs, allowing them to track the evolution and continuous improvement over time.
  • Future updates: we maintain maximum transparency about the future by providing advanced information on developments expected for our products. Users can always stay ahead, preparing for the latest innovations.
  • SoM categorization: our SoMs are now organized into three main categories: Harsh, Multimedia, and Industrial. This categorization helps users quickly identify the product most suitable for their specific needs.

DAVE Embedded Systems continues to be committed to providing advanced solutions, and the new product roadmap section reflects our dedication to transparency and continuous innovation.

Stay tuned for further updates and exciting discoveries from Dave Embedded Systems!

Click here to visit the page dedicated to the Embedded solutions' roadmap