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DAVE Embedded System among the partner of Prometeus

29 November 2022

Prometeus is born, the revolutionary Unipd project for premature babies

Visionary research with a strong focus on technological development. The "Prometeus - Preterm Brain-Oxygenation and Metabolic EU-Sensing: Feed the Brain" project, coordinated by the University of Padua, fully meets these requirements (indicated by the funding from the Eic - European Innovation Council) and has been awarded almost 4 million euros.

Prometeus, born from the idea of two young researchers, Sabrina Brigadoi, neuroscientist in the Department of Developmental and Socialization Psychology of the University of Padua and coordinator of the project, and Alfonso Galderisi, neonatologist in the Department of Women's and Children's Health, will develop a Novel non-invasive approach to measure and improve brain health status in preterm infants in intensive care. As neonatal intensive care improves, the number of preterm infants making it through the critical postpartum stages has steadily increased over the years.


Prometeus involves 11 partners, between academia and industry, from 6 different countries: Italy (University of Padua, Milan Polytechnic, PIONIRS and Dave Embedded Systems); France (Université Grenoble Alpes and Institut National de la santé et de la Recherche Médicale); Spain (Universitat de Girona and Institut de Ciències Fotòniques); Israel (QULAB Medical Ltd), Ireland (University College Cork) and the United Kingdom (University College London).

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