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Component shortage. Updated the standard manufacturing process control

22 April 2021

Dear Customer

Following the current global market situation that is generating various and widespread supply chain management problems, DAVE Embedded Systems is making every effort to try to limit inconvenience to its supply chain as much as possible and consequently to limit delays as much as possible on deliveries and increases on the cost of the product.

In this general scenario, we inform you that to cope with this general situation, the BOM of our products may vary in order to guarantee deliveries. The changes will be promptly reported to you when these may have an impact on your product but can also be made independently by us if there are no changes in specifications with respect to your product. By way of example, if the qualification of your product is of a commercial nature, it could happen that the next lots will have different components but still suitable for the qualification agreed with you. Therefore, if an industrial P/N was previously approved on a product (therefore with a higher temperature range), it may be that a component with a commercial temperature range is used which however has a greater availability at this juncture. We assure you that these changes will be handled correctly by our traceability in our ERP system.

For more information on the product qualification, please visit our wiki site and the page relating to the description of the available qualifications

For more information do not hesitate to contact us