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A look into the future: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

28 October 2020

Exploring the constantly growing world of Artificial Intelligence and the industrial application of Machine Learning are today two important areas of research and application of DAVE Embedded Systems. 

If you are browsing WikiDAVE, the most valuable collection of information on DAVE Embedded Systems products, you will notice that we have recently made some upgrades.

We started to go deep in this area full of charm and possibilities, exploring the history of these two disciplines: from the birth of the concept of Artificial Intelligence, its development throughout the twentieth century to the present day - which has now become an element present in much of our daily life - and its applications in the industrial field, such as Machine Learning.

Where does the concept of AI come from?

The man of the twentieth century, faced with the many science’s achievements, begins to ask himself a more complex question: is it possible to artificially reproduce the capabilities of a human brain? A fascinating concept, which is explored not only in the academic field but also in literature (from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, to Asimov's laws of robotics to Philip Dick's androids) and in cinema (not least the George Lucas sagas).

From these premises we want to add our contribution. By intertwining the history of one of the most visionary disciplines, with our history, our experience. Our future.

Follow us on our journey. Are you interested in everything related to the world of Artificial Intelligence?
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DAVE - AI and ML a brief introduction


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