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AURA funded project



In recent years DAVE has carried out research and development activities to make the hardware and software tools necessary for the development of Artificial Intelligence techniques. These devices need high-performance but robust components from a thermal point of view, resistant to electrostatic discharges at the highest possible level, and not very demanding in terms of consumption (in case it is necessary to power them by battery when the device is portable/mobile) . But above all they must implement NPU (Neural Processing Units) type cells which are the cells - or actual coprocessors - that allow AI algorithms to be processed. The idea of the AURA SOM solution was born from these R&D activities. The AURA SOM System On module was designed to be supplied with NXP i.MX93 (or subsequent ones of the same family) System-On-Chip and to provide an innovative Edge Computing solution in the industrial sector.


With this project DAVE intends to investigate and experiment the potential offered by the i.MX 9 family of application processors (family of processors not yet released on the market and in the pre-production phase) and, on the basis of this frontier technology, develop new solutions to pursue technological up-grade of so-called "EDGE" industrial solutions.

In summary, Dave aims to:

• Experiment with the i.MX9x architecture to evaluate its potential;

• Implement an AMP (Asymmetric Multiprocessing) configuration

  • Develop new AI and Machine Learning algorithms, as well as new circuit solutions


With AURA DAVE tries to join the small group of companies capable of interfacing as “Beta Partners” (about ten in total the world) that is, those who have direct access to the first versions of silicon and directly contribute to the development of the component with their observations. In fact, AURA will be characterized by superior performance compared to similar solutions currently widespread, including:

• Efficient acceleration of machine learning;

• High speed;

• Advanced security;

• Implement energy-efficient edge computing.

Thanks to AURA, Dave will not only be able to consolidate his position in traditional sectors, but further expand his areas of expertise, for example, in the Smart Home, Building, City sectors.

Total investment cost: €99,976.50

PR FESR FVG contribution: €34,991.78 (of which 40% EU)