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Video computing in medical devices is nowadays extremely important because of enable doctor and medical specialists to record their activities and permits to review and learn better what they are doing. This process boosted the improvement of medical procedures in surgery and clinical analysis. Last but not least, connecting devices it is possible to have real time the contribution of clinical specialists connected remotely to the operation room.


Surgery technology is booming nowadays thanks to new technology available in the market. Within these new possibilities the impact of surgery on human bodies is dramatically reduced and the required days in hospital is decreasing permitting savings for national health systems. Miniaturized video systems and new electronic technologies with reduced power requirement are part of this game: remote cameras, capture video and encoding chains are requested with higher resolution than before. In this context the ARM SOC technologies are the right answer and choice together the availability of new storage technologies and video accelerators which can be integrated in very small space.

DAVE Embedded Systems' KEY ROLE:

DAVE Embedded Systems' know how in vision starts with the ability to integrate CMOS and CCDs sensors directly to the SOC and reduce glass to glass latency. This ability includes the option to design the SW integration by using Video 4 Linux and create/adjust Gstreamer plugins in order to create an ease to use layer for developers. The connection with Linux network knowledge and memory storage manipulation enables DAVE Embedded Systems' customers to concentrate on their Know-How on clinical aspects.


The Company is active in the human and animal endoscopy device design and manufacturing for a long time. The Know How of this company is concentrated on their capability to design clinical devices which can be used in ambulatory or operational room. In order to maintain the leadership on these topics they decided to partnership with DAVE Embedded Systems on embedded system design in order to find, evaluate and design a new endoscope solution with complete Full HD 1080p60 video stream with a limited glass to glass latency.


The Product main features are:

  • ARM 32bit processor Texas Instruments Da Vinci DM8148
  • DDR3L RAM techology
  • FULL HD 1080p60 video manipulation
  • ETH Gb video stream distribution
  • SATA storage
  • Video 4 Linux and Gstreamer application

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