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Embedded technology for IEC 61131 PLC device


The textile sector represents a significant aspect of the economy and culture of countries like Italy, whose tradition linked to the world of fashion is a source of pride and presents products of the highest quality and aesthetics. This field, however, is also primary in everyday life, since it allows a dignified and healthy life. Mass production, nevertheless, required the automation of some of these processes to respond promptly and effectively to market demands: the machinery involved in this scenario must, first of all, be precise, as well as rapid, under penalty of compromising the final results.

The textile machines are not only designed to create the fabric threads but also to form the actual clothes and iron and pack them, before being sent to the market. Moreover, every knitting mill has its diversified production, even during different seasons of the year and within different fashion model lines: tools employment should, thus, be adequated quickly, without requiring resource and time expenditure. 


Generally, these devices are preconfigured by the manufacturer but can be programmed by individual knitting mills according to the type of production required dynamically through a Programmable Logic Control (PLC) language.

The engine that allows these machines to operate, therefore, must be able to interpret and transform the orders received into IEC 61131 electrical signals: the application layer has to be designed to include this critical aspect. However, this process must be real-time so as not to affect the production line and consequently in real-time must also be the operating system that manages it. Moreover, the designed device should pilot numerous control signals, connect to supervision interfaces and correctly interpret the commands to transfer between the operator and the machine. The compound of all of these features defines a complex system, that is not effortlessly obtainable in modern markets, or at least it is not in its entirety.

DAVE Embedded Systems' KEY ROLE:

Since this project requires that the process controller could both interpret the PLC language and be real-time, DAVE Embedded Systems, with its renowned professionalism and experience in the development of innovative and functional solutions, has integrated on its System On Module DIVA an RTOS operating system, on which the interpretation engine was mounted. The profound know-how of real-time software allowed the realization of a complete device able to operate autonomously and efficiently, with comprehensive care for the service offered. For further quotations on the DIVA module, please refer to the documentation link https://www.dave.eu/dave-cpu-module-am335x-diva.html


The Company operates in the development of electronic tools for the textile market and has set itself the goal of modernizing and optimizing the functioning of the machinery built. The Company, therefore, needed to find an efficient collaborator who was able to provide integrated performance processors to real-time interpreters. In DAVE Embedded Systems it found a precious resource, which created a functional device and of a quality superior to that available on the market. Furthermore, it was able to find a professional and effective collaboration, always attentive to all the quality and product standards required.


Please refer to the following application block diagram for a better explanation of the project:

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