23 May 2017

SBC Lynx is extremely flexible in terms of communication interfaces and I/O ports. When used in combination with a Linux distribution such as Debian, it is an ideal solution to implement compact highly-integrated cost-effective gateways/supervisors for Industrial Internet of Things applications (IIoT).

05 May 2017

Starting from BELK 3.0.1 / BXELK 1.0.0, the archive of pre-built packages belonging to openembedded-core layer is available. This allows to install on the target these packages via smart command, as described here.

05 May 2017

This white paper describes a video processing system - built upon Bora/BoraEVB - that satisfies specific functional and safety requirements.

Embedded World 2017 - day 1 news bytes

Embedded World 2017 - day 1 some news bytes about DAVE Embedded Systems, their products, how we started the day and how we completed successfully our tasks!

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