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The new portofolio 2021: 5 new DAVE Embedded Systems’ products

21 dicembre 2020

In the latest news of this 2020 we want to give you a brief overview about the DAVE Embedded Systems products to be released next year, some of which will be presented at the next (all digital) edition of Embedded World.

DAVE Embedded Systems is working on 5 new hardware products. Systems that are designed considering the typical requirements coming from the industrial automation, home automation, up to applications in transportation and aerospace and last but not least on IoT and Machine Learning solutions, the main research areas today for DAVE Embedded Systems.

The standard features of a DAVE Embedded Systems’ device

These new products have been conceived taking into consideration the reference market and the expected lifetime our customers have demonstrated in the years. Among all the features we have to maintain special interest is within the:

- product lifecycle comparable or longer than the processor expected lifetime

- real availability of our products with a temperature range of at least -40°/+85° (-125° for automotive or avionic/defense applications)

Not only that, the new solutions offer a further peculiarity: these products are electronically backward compatible with existing DAVE Embedded Systems products, thus guaranteeing our customers the possibility of electronic and hardware revamping of an older product, with a real competitive market advantage thanks to NRE reduced effort and shorter time to market.

The chosed Operating systems

The new products are created for the embedded sector and are developed in Linux (with an embedded distibution based on Yocto) and Android. To offer IoT and Machine Learning services, DAVE Embedded Systems integrates the many additional services and libraries useful for create your own IoT device and/or your intelligent vision camera at the edge.



The ORCA SOM product is based on the i.MX 8 Plus processor from our technology partner NXP.
It is a system with a new type of SODIMM pinout based on DDR4 260-pin interface. Maintaining the same dimensions of the previous SODIMMs, it allows to have about 60 more signals and gives the possibility to use everything that the processor makes available without complications of the production process.

The platform was created to integrate Artificial Intelligence solutions on stereo cameras in the industrial field, thanks to the internal neural processor. The presence of an ARM Cortex-M4 processor allows you to manage an operating system in real-time. It is equipped with 2 Ethernet interfaces with TSN extension.

We will officially present ORCA System on Module during Embedded World 2021.


2. ETRA SOM (ST Micro Electronics)

ETRA SOM is the first result of the collaboration with the new partner ST Micro Electronics, a reality that we have carefully observed over time and we believe has created a very interesting product.

The product is based on the ST32MP1 processor and is compatible with our Axel ULite system, also allowing the transition from NXP i.MX & UL. It is suitable for the creation of industrial type boards, connectivity and intercommunication. It was created to provide solutions in the IoT field, from the gathering of information at the edge to the transmission of data to the cloud.

Unlike Axel Ulite, ETRA SOM has integrated an ARM Cortex-M4 microcontroller, with the all-in-one ability to integrate everything needed for data collection in the field and sending to the cloud through the use of Linux.

In addition to the basic functions, the product has a USB connection, Ethernet, can drive a display, take a video and is equipped with an extremely versatile microcontroller that can be used for all activities in real-time.

ETRA SOM will be officially presented during Embedded World 2021.


3. ONDA (Based on Xilinx ZYNQ UltraScale+)

The ONDA product based on the Xilinx UltraScale+ processor will be the only product that we will be not presented during the next edition of Embedded World but will be finalized in the course of 2021.

A project that allows us to increase our presence in the world of Artificial Intelligence and which has remained in incubation for over two years.
You can visit the preview on our website by clicking here.



From the ORCA SOM design comes ORCA Single Board Computer, also based on the NXP i.MX 8 Plus processor.

The product has a very small size, for which DIN 6M boxes already exist. A solution that allows you to have 2 Ethernet switches, USBC power supply with power delivery, HDMI and a wide range of data storage thanks to the eMMC storage integrated inside. It is possible to connect up to two embedded cameras (also the ones available for Raspberry PI) and native displays with LVDS interface with resolution up to Full HD. It is equipped with H.264 and H.265 video coding system.

Up to 8GB of RAM mounted on board, ORCA SBC has a very high computing capacity that allows you to obtain inferences on the neural network data around a few milliseconds. It therefore becomes the ideal product on which to base a stereo or mono smart camera with data transmission via Ethernet or wifi. The Crypto engine chip inside, in fact, allows you to encrypt the data transmitted and manage security towards the cloud.

Like its SOM version, ORCA SBC will also be presented at the next edition of Embedded World, inaugurating a new line dedicated to the latest generation processors that will have its successors in future NXP families.

DAVE Embedded Systems is one of the official partners of NXP, especially regarding the area dedicated to Artificial Intelligence, were we offer you support both on the hardware and application software/cloud.


5. ETRA SBC (ST Micro Electronics)

With the same characteristics of SBC Lynx Embedded Linux Kit (XUELK), it allows you to design very compact IoT systems of 4-DIN rail modules with all the desired expansions to create your own IoT hub: collect data and send them to the cloud and, vice versa, modify edge’s settings from the cloud on the edge.

It is a very small size product, with the possibility of 1/2 Ethernet interfaces, SD and USB power supply. It is designed to be integrated on a classic industrial DIN rail 4M product.

ETRA SBC will also be officially presented during Embedded World 2021.