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Airborne application for object detection


Nowadays, quick identification of dangerous objects about to collide is essential to ensure safety both of military pilots and aircrafts.

To achieve this goal, video signals processing and management must be as slow as possible to obtain measurements about the speed and direction of these objects accurate enough to allow an effective response.

For this project, DAVE Embedded Systems designed a fundamental part of the final product: a system based on a processor that integrates both a real-time Operating System running on a CPU (ARM) and an FPGA, able to easily manage complex computing.


This early-stage technology can help several global stakeholders, including civil aviation due to recent events: even in this non-military context the product would be effective as well because it allows to automatically and directly react against the approaching object, avoiding difficult and time-taking evasive maneuvers and countermeasures. The system detects the object with thermal analysis, extrapolating its movement features and activating defensive strategies such as disturbing laser-pointing. The main goals, therefore, is to rapidly elaborate the video source, maintaining compact dimensions and an effective defense mechanism.

DAVE Embedded Systems' KEY ROLE:

DAVE Embedded Systems, with its confirmed know-how, adapted the BORA System On Module to the project by transforming it from a COTS to an approved military system with high regard to the strict related environmental certifications, allowing the customer to greatly reduce development costs.

Moreover, DAVE Embedded Systems integrated the module with a real-time validated operative system and a KH-improved conformal coating and sealing, relieving the customer with the development part and the bureaucratic management.

For further information about BORA System On Module please check https://www.dave.eu/products/som/xilinx/zynq-XC7Z010-XC7Z020_bora


The Company involved in this case history operates in the defense market segment, specifically in the airborne technologies. 

Their knowledge of hardware solutions allowed a close collaboration with DAVE Embedded Systems on this project, mutually collaborating on software and production.


Since the project is made up of multiple parts, it can be better explained by its concept diagram:


One of the reasons why the customer has selected DAVE Embedded Systems was the requirement of special services in order to adopt a COTS solution to a real embedded device which can be used in a defense environment. The list of special requirements is the following:

  • IPC class 3 for PCB manufacturing
  • IPC class 3 for SMT assembly
  • SnPb soldering process for thin whiskers mitigation
  • QFN / QFP / BGA re-tinning and re-balling for SnPb soldering process
  • Conformal Coating for thin whiskers mitigation and board protection
  • Sealing around BGA components and connectors for thin whiskers mitigation

These services are part of DAVE Embedded Systems' manufacturing process Know-How and are integrated into a 100% under control and traced assembling process.

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