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EW21 DIGITAL / DAVE Embedded Systems' IoT solutions (roundtable)

3 marzo 2021

On the third day of Embedded World 2021 DIGITAL, DAVE Embedded Systems will host a panel discussion dedicated to its IoT solutions.

DAVE Embedded Systems is a leading company in the IoT market providing turnkey solutions from the edge to the cloud to its industrial customers.

DAVE Embedded Systems has a portfolio of System On Module and IoT Gateways that can be used on industrial medical and scientific.

These edge solutions can be integrated on cloud platforms (such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS).

Then the design of cloud environment, the creation of user profiles, the OTA updates management are just of the few solutions DAVE Embedded Systems is able to provide to its customers. 

Join us in this round table speaking about your next IoT project and discover what we can do for you. 

What can we offer

Check out more DAVE Embedded Systems' IoT solutions here.



Embedded World 2021 DIGITAL

Enjoy the roundtable and download your voucher code


DAVE Embedded Systems' IoT solutions
March 3, 2021
16:20 - 16:50 GMT+1




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