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New products, nowdays, requires embedded electronics because of operators requires touch screen technology for interaction and easy to use start up. WIthin this "mobile phone" approach, customers in medical segment started requiring new features for their devices including capacitive touch screen, modern Graphical User Interface and last but not least wifi capabilities for remote control and monitoring.


One of the possible medical segments were technology is needed is the Laser therapy. Lasers can be used in Surgical and Therapeutic treatments as well as in Dermatological and or Aesthetic medicine. Any of these applications requires a high quality control over the Laser source in order to maintain the required degree of safety which is always one of the key factor in a medical device. Moreover, in order to increase the appealing of these devices the Graphical User Interface of these devices should be simple and quick: simple because of doctors should understand immediately how to use the device without any technical background on laser technology and software/electronics. Quick because of these therapy can be offered in medical office so time is a crucial factor for end customers which can offer this service privately. DAVE Embedded Systems, thanks to its confirmed expertise on design and development of embedded systems has a deep experience on Graphical User Interface can propose and suggest solutions for the evaluation and selection of displays, touch screen solutions and optimization, audio definition and last but not least software framework selection, optimization training.

DAVE Embedded Systems' KEY ROLE:

Within this approach customers can relay on a reliable partner which can reduce the required time for define specifications and then implement the prototype and mass production device.


The Company is active in the medical laser surgery and dermal treatments. The Know How of this company is concentrated on Laser beam optimization and treatment and on overall product design and specification. In order to maintain the leadership on these topics they decided to partnership with DAVE Embedded Systems on embedded system design, Linux Kernel distribution and graphical environment definition and optimization.


The Product main features are:

  • ARM 32bit processor Texas Instruments AM335
  • DDR3L RAM techology
  • 7" display 800x480px
  • Audio interface
  • Linux 4 distribution
  • QT based Graphical User Interface
  • Battery powered application

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