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IoT Services

DAVE Embedded Systems is able to manage Internet Of Things and Industry 4.0 projects as a whole, significantly contributing to the realization of the final solution for its customers both for edge solutions and for cloud integration. Thanks to its experience in embedded systems, DAVE Embedded Systems is able to follow customers in the design and implementation of connected and secure edge solutions.

Our services

Thanks to the integral development of its own SaaS platform, DAVE Embedded Systems also offers its customers the possibility of creating and managing the Cloud part independently by integrating the main functions necessary for the operation of a fleet. No less important is the ability, both on the edge and cloud side, to customize the user experience of the end customer through a design dedicated to the optimization of graphics and mechanisms of interaction with the operator.


Package of services for managing IoT connectivity on Edge.

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Package of services for the integration of the Cloud platform of DAVE Embedded Systems.

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Package of services for the analysis and subsequent integration of security features on Edge.

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Package of services for the design and implementation of graphic interfaces on both Edge and Cloud.

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Datasheet for IOT Services

Our packages


Solutions for smart edge connection to cloud. Multi-protocol support for easy interface with industrial automation network. Interfacing embedded systems has never been easier thanks to the experience gained by DAVE Embedded Systems over the years. Short and long range wireless interfaces and various communication protocols are part of the knowledge portfolio that DAVE Embedded Systems places at the customer's service.

Below are the services included in the standard package.

  • WIFI Module Integration
  • BT and BT mesh integration
  • 4G LTE Module integration
  • Software update integration on edge
  • Partitioning management
  • Failsafe management
  • BSP Vulnerabilities' management
  • Cross-platform broker integration(AWS, Azure and IBM)
CLOUD Services

SaaS platform for easy deployment and integration. Ready for white label and CMS integration. Thanks to the development of a base platform ready to use and already configured, the integration of cloud services is very simple and intuitive for the end user once the platform is configured and the edges connected. Field updates, process monitoring and integration with company IT tools has never been easier.

Below are the services included in the standard package. Depending on the project specifications, the list can be modified accordingly:

  • SaaS platform based on AWS cloud
  • Fleet management dashboard
  • Single edge data management
  • Push notifications
  • Profile management
  • User management
  • Software update management for single and in-block update)
  • CRM and CMS interface APIs
  • User Interface customization

State of the art services for secure deployment and maintenance of IoT fleets. Adopting good practices for edge-to-cloud management and communication is critical today. DAVE Embedded Systems provides updated solutions to ensure and maintain the correct level of security of devices in the field and at the same time their correct integration with the cloud which must be reserved in full compliance with the privacy law.

In the field of security, it is essential to offer design and implementation services that integrate the best available goodm practices:

  • Requirement design and critial review
  • Secure Boot integration for secure U-Boot and Kernel
  • Ready to production solution for certificate and key management
  • BSP maintenance with CVE management and safety patches integration
  • Cryptochip integration and management
  • Design according to IEC-62443

Concept and design of Graphical User Interface for both edge, mobile APPs and cloud solutions. DAVE Embedded Systems offers solutions and support for the design of graphic solutions to be integrated on the edge but also on mobile devices and cloud interfaces, providing advice on data management and its communication to the operator. Thanks to the adoption of graphic editing tools and specialized personnel, it is possible to immediately study the effect on the field and direct graphic design and not only in the best way.

DAVE Embedded Systems offers a 360 ° service around the design of the graphic interface, taking care of the definition of the design of the same and subsequently, the design and integration on the various mobile and non-mobile devices:

  • User Interface concept and design
  • Mobile APP design (Android, IoS)
  • Edge interface design using modern solutions (QT, Storyboard,..)
  • Back End specification and design
  • Profile management design (Client, Service, R&D,..)
  • Preventive maintenance dashboard design


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