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Creating a root file system with Buildroot


Introduction to Buildroot: Simplifying Embedded Linux Systems

Welcome to this Application Note about Buildroot on our solutions. Buildroot is the open-source tool that simplifies the process of building customized embedded Linux systems. In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, embedded systems are omnipresent, powering everything from smart devices to industrial machinery. Building an embedded Linux system tailored to specific hardware requirements and application needs can be a daunting task. This is where Buildroot comes to the rescue.

What is Buildroot?

Buildroot is a popular and powerful build automation tool that allows developers to create customized Linux distributions for embedded systems. By automating the process of configuring and building the entire Linux system, including the kernel, libraries, and applications, Buildroot enables developers to focus on their specific project requirements without getting bogged down by the complexities of the underlying Linux system.

Why Use Buildroot?

The flexibility and simplicity of Buildroot make it an ideal choice for developers and engineers working on embedded systems projects. Whether you are developing IoT devices, home automation solutions, or industrial control systems, Buildroot streamlines the development process, reduces time to market, and ensures a highly optimized and efficient embedded Linux system.

What This Documentation Covers

This comprehensive technical documentation serves as your guide to build a custom Root File Systems for our solutions using Buildroot. The main topics are:

  • Download, configure and build the Linux Kernel
    • Define the Package List
    • Build the targets, in particular Qt5 webkit
    • How to add further packages
  • How to get the Buildroot file system on the target

The technical documentation (from wiki)


In conclusion, this application note has provided valuable insights into the versatility of AXEL ULite, demonstrating its compatibility with different Linux distributions beyond its default DESK-MX6UL-L Yocto distribution. Specifically, the focus was on integrating Buildroot, a lightweight and easily configurable option for embedded systems.

While this document offered a practical demonstration of using Buildroot on the AXEL ULite platform, it's essential to note that the complexities of Buildroot were not exhaustively covered here. The intent was to introduce the concept and demonstrate its applicability. For readers seeking a deeper understanding of Buildroot's intricacies, a suggested resource was provided for further exploration.

The provided information, combined with the reference to the buildroot-2022.05 version used in the test bed, equips readers with a foundational understanding of extending AXEL ULite's capabilities. As the landscape of embedded systems continues to evolve, this flexibility ensures that developers can adapt their platforms effectively, meeting diverse project requirements. We encourage readers to explore further, leveraging the knowledge gained here to unlock the full potential of their AXEL ULite devices in various contexts and applications.

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