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Industrial Blockchain

The Block Chain is a tool capable of managing in a rapid, precise and controlled way many of the industrial processes for which the support of DAVE Embedded Systems is usually required. For this reason it was decided to invest in the search for solutions that could make this technology usable in a simple and intuitive way, especially in the context of process tracing and maintenance management of the installed fleet.

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The context of the use of Block Chains is rather innovative for the industrial sector. We have tried to divide the theme into various services that together make up a complete integration service of an Industrial Block Chain solution.


The Block Chain is the ideal tool for fully automatic and computerized management of product traceability. Thanks to the data collected and made irrefutable, it represents a valid support tool for supply chain management. DAVE Embedded Systems, with its experience in the IoT field, is able to provide support to its customers in designing the business model that integrates this technology.

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Block Chain is a tool that can be integrated in the embedded field on platforms with limited resources that can constitute the integrated edge that provides supply chain data. Knowing Linux Embedded, DAVE Embedded Systems is able to provide solutions for the correct integration and maintenance of these solutions over time in the field.

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The technical solutions adopted to implement the Block Chain cannot be secondary as they guarantee the robustness and solidity of the network itself. For this reason, the solutions offered by DAVE are certified with the highest European standards in force in order to guarantee data security and their privacy in the case of non-public networks as is usually preferred to be adopted in the B2B field.

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The use of Block Chain allows to digitally contract bilateral relationships that can concern countless industrial sectors. This complex and not secondary aspect is also proposed and followed by DAVE EmBedded Systems with the aim of helping its customers to obtain the maximum result from the use of these enabling technologies.

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