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Embedded Design Services

With over 20 years of experience behind it, DAVE Embedded Systems is a reality that has been able to innovate and learn what it means to develop an embedded product.

Our services

Thanks to the experience gained in the field and deep learning with its team DAVE Embedded Systems has accumulated a know-how of considerable respect that today is able to offer its customers for the design and construction of complex embedded systems taking care of all aspects not only purely electronic but also of system, production and final packaging.


Integrated services for research, PoC development, patent definition and finally the development of hardware solutions

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Integration and development services of hardware solutions with support and application software

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Realization of complete embedded solutions taking care not only of the product life cycle as a whole.

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Services for the 360 ° management of the product on behalf and in the name of the end customer.

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Our packages


Embedded integration involves designing and in any case using electronic solutions capable of carrying out the task for which the product was conceived. DAVE Embedded System, starting from the concept up to its release, follows the process and development of these hardware solutions, proceeding with the design, simulations, prototyping and qualification that constitute the necessary phases prior to the release on the market of safe and reliable products with a very long life expectancy on the market typical of the industrial sector.

Below are the services included in the standard package. Depending on the project specifications, the list can be modified accordingly:

  • Electrical diagram design
  • PCB design with complex technologies
  • Simulations in Signal Integrity and Power Integrity
  • Custom FPGA design
  • Documentation management by means of co-design and review tools
  • Design for manufacturing optimization
  • Special services such as coating, sealing, potting
  • Production of COTS objects adapted to defense / space

An Embedded product consists of a software architecture that has become increasingly articulated over time. Consequently, it is essential to have a partner able to follow and develop all these aspects upon request in perfect sharing and transparency with the end customer.

The features available in the SaaS platform are listed below. In addition there are the services associated with them:

  • Linux BSP development and maintenance with Yocto
  • Android BSP development and maintenance
  • Application development in the industrial field
  • Development of research and development in the field of sensors and industrial bus communication

An embedded product is in fact a complete system that integrates elements of electronics and mechanics that interact together. DAVE Embedded Systems is able to take care of the concept, design and manufacture of these elements, also evaluating their electrical, mechanical, thermal and certification integration.

In the field of security, it is essential to offer design and implementation services that integrate the best available good practices:

  • Drafting of requirements
  • Feasibility study and Proof Of Concept
  • Critical Review with customers
  • Mechanical support design (flanges, plastic molds, 3D modeling)
  • Assembly, programming and qualification / packaging of complete systems
  • Product qualification with functional and environmental tests

Not only design but also quality production. DAVE Embedded Systems with its own production lines and is able to offer its customers a turnkey service that takes care of the manufacturing and packaging of products, taking care of their traceability and after sales.

DAVE Embedded Systems offers a 360° service around the design of the graphic interface, taking care of the definition of the design of the same and subsequently, the design and integration on the various mobile and non-mobile devices:

  • Warehouse storage
  • Product packaging and customization
  • Dedicated coding and Labeling
  • Traceability to Serial Number
  • Integration with customer management system
  • Integrated RMA management


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