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New products, nowdays, requires embedded electronics because of operators requires touch screen technology for interaction and easy to use start up. WIthin this "mobile phone" approach, customers in medical segment started requiring new features for their devices including capacitive touch screen, modern Graphical User Interface and last but not least wifi capabilities for remote control and monitoring.


One of the possible medical segments were technology is needed is the echocardiography (ECG). ECG devices are nowdays available in any medical office and very often also in pharmacies. ECG is used for monitoring the health status of our hearth which is one of the most common reasons for death. The newera of ECG devices is driven by the availability of new technologies like advanced GUI interfaces, capacitive touch screens, wifi and 4G communication and, last but not least, cloud based platforms. For these reasons nowdays it is possible to rent ECG devices and pay just for the reports enabling small medical offices and pharmacies to have access to accurate and edge technology devices. In order to reach this edge it is fundamental to integrate in any ECG device not only the capability to monitor accurately the hearth beating but also to communicate safely.
DAVE Embedded Systems, thanks to its confirmed expertise on designing and developing embedded systems has a deep experience on all these aspects which enable the capability to propose and suggest solutions for the edge and cloud interaction.

DAVE Embedded Systems' KEY ROLE:

DAVE Embedded Systems' know how in this new era includes the capability to secure the embedded device, propose the right System On Chip solution and design and develop a system able to support a rich and modern User Experience included of Wifi or 4G connectivity accessing cloud through secure certificates and secure boot.


The Company is active in the medical ECG device design and manufacturing for a long time. The Know How of this company is concentrated on ECG measuring and commercial distribution. In order to maintain the leadership on these topics they decided to partnership with DAVE Embedded Systems on embedded system design, Linux Kernel distribution and graphical environment definition and optimization. Last but not least all the on field update system design and the remote monitoring was another crucial point of sales for DAVE Embedded Systems.


The Product main features are:
- ARM 32bit processor Texas Instruments AM335
- DDR3L RAM techology
- 7" display 800x400px
- capacitive touch screen display
- Audio interface
- Linux 4 distribution
- QT based Graphical User Interface
- Battery powered application

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