New Embedded SDK for NXP I.MX6 Products

We are glad to announce that in April 2019 we have released a new major version of XELK 4.0 AXEL Embedded Linux Kit. This is another demonstration of our attention to our customers in order to maintain our product during the complete product life cycle

Release notes:

  • Major change to NXP BSP 4.9.11
  • Updated u-boot and kernel versions
  • Updated Yocto version
  • Updated Qt version

Known Limitations

The following table reports the known limitations of this XELK release:

Issue Description
NAND Samsung NAND Model K9F4G08U0D not detected in u-boot
Linux kernel xconfig make xconfig does not work
Wayland not supported Yocto QT5 images with Wayland backend is not yet supported

If you need more information about it please visit the XELK wiki page

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