about Meltdown/Spectre vulnerability on embedded systems

DAVE Embedded Systems, on behalf of its customers, is constantly monitoring the embedded space looking for potential issues and critical aspects. In this regard, DAVE Embedded Systems' primarily role is to monitor, understand, and analyze the information in order to provide its customers qualified support to deal with these situations.

Meltdown/Spectre is just the last vulnerability that hit the mainstream media. The analysis about Meltdown/Spectre vulnerability is conducted in collaboration with the silicon vendors we are currently working with. Actually, there is not a real immediate impact if your product does not allow the execution of code that is not under your control (i.e. the JavaScript code embedded into web pages). For the time being, we are waiting for ARM and silicon vendors updates. Once these dedicated patches are released, DAVE Embedded Systems will promptly include them in the BSP releases of our ARM-based products.

Stay tuned for the future BSP releases and Release Notes!

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