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DAVE Embedded Systems is a well-established and constantly growing Italian company,born from the idea of the two partners Eng. Stefano Dal Poz and Eng. Roberto Zelbi, focused on designing, manufacturing and selling of miniaturized Embedded Systems solutions. Since its foundation, back in 1998, DAVE Embedded Systems has developed its business, increasing its know-how and activities.

The strong connection between DAVE Embedded Systems and territory is found in the choice to maintain its headquarters in Porcia, near Venice, in the northeast of Italy.

With a logical growth, DAVE Embedded Systems wants to increase its positions in the high-end technology sectors. Additionally, this objective has to be reached increasing DAVE Embedded Systems awareness in new markets establishing commercial partnerships in Germany, England, France and the USA. In the rest of the countries, waiting for future expansions, the DAVE Embedded Systems' presence is guaranteed directly from Headquarters.

Furthermore, the choice to stay linked to the territory was taken because of the product quality standard that DAVE Embedded Systems offers. This means that the entire production cycle is made in Italy, including the manufacturing process. that DAVE Embedded Systems controls with highly loyal and highly specialized local partner.

Everytime, when the reference market will stabilize and there will be long-term prospects DAVE Embedded Systems will consider to open of a local branch on-site which helps customer due to language and technical support.

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