AM3505/AM3517 - LIZARD

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AM3505/AM3517 - LIZARD

Processor:  Texas Instruments "Sitara" AM3505/AM3517

LIZARD is a mid-class ARM Cortex-A8 SOM (System On Module) based on Texas Instruments "Sitara" AM3505/3517 application processor.

LIZARD is a well balanced solution for a high range of applications where extended connectivity, sophisticated displays, rich user-interfaces are required, including industrial electronics, smart home controllers, security systems, automation and point of service. At the same time, LIZARD guarantees cost efficiency and reduced power consumption.

LIZARD is designed to be easily included in customer's embedded systems, due to the small form factor, the inexpensive stacking connectors and the pinout compatibility with DAVE Embedded Systems' Esatta line CPU modules family.


Marketing Documentation

LIZARD leaflet

SOMs' Comparison Table


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Hardware Documentation

Electrical Schematics

Mechanical Documentation

LIZARD Hardware Manual

Reset Block Diagram

On board RTC specifications

LIZARD Electrical pinout

LIZARD 2D Mechanical Drawing (DXF format)

LIZARD 3D Mechanical Drawing (STEP format)

Carrier Board design

Thermal & Power Management

Evaluation Board Electrical Schematics

General carrier board design guidelines

LIZARD specific integration guidelines

Thermal management guidelines

Power consumption benchmarks

Power management guidelines


Other Technical Information

DAVE Embedded Systems Developer's Wiki - LIZARD wiki Main Page


Software Documentation



U-boot releases

NAON Booting options

How to modify Linux parameters in U-Boot

Linux releases

How to boot Linux on DAVE Embedded Systems' SOMs

DAVE Embedded Systems' Linux Kit

Embedded Linux Kit Quick Start Guide

Buildroot RFS



Introduction to Android on DAVE Embedded Systems' SOMs



Other Technical Information

DAVE Embedded Systems Developer's Wiki - LIZARD wiki Main Page


Longevity program: Texas Instruments General Quality Guidelines

DAVE Embedded Systems is committed to support and maintain its products according toTexas Instruments General Quality Guidelines


"TI’s Product withdrawal/discontinuance process complies with JESD48, latest issue. TI makes an effort to not obsolete products out of convenience. Convenience means: low running device, poor yields, limited customer adoption or similar items. TI’s obsolescence withdrawal schedule provides a longer lead time than the industry standard. TI allows 12 months for the last order and an additional 6 months to take final delivery of obsolete items. In rare circumstances, an accelerated withdrawal schedule may be necessary. In such cases, TI will communicate the last buy and final delivery dates in the EOL notice, along with an explanation of the circumstances necessitating the early withdrawal".


Mean time between failures (MTBF)

Mean time between failures (MTBF) Prediction



Bar code labels

QR code labels

SOM HW and SW version total control



View DAVE Embedded Systems certifications for ISO 13485, ISO 9001, REACH regulation, RoHS regulation, and more here.


Available evaluation boards:

Linux and WindowsCE development kits will be available for customers who want to start the development on the Lizard platform.


Lizard Evaluation Kit - LizardEVB-Lite

Thanks to the Zefeer compatibility Lizard can be plugged on the Zefeer designed host boards, e.g. the ZefeerEVB:

The LizardEVB-Lite is an evaluation board directly derived from the ZefeerEVB and is dedicated to customers who needs a simple solution for a quick evaluation. The available peripherals are a subset of the Lizard interfaces:



  • Ethernet 10/100MBit LAN w/PHY on RJ45
  • 3 x USB Host
  • 3 x Serial port (RS232)
  • JTAG connector
  • ADC
  • I2S Audio
  • Touch screen
  • Keypad
  • GPIO
  • ATX Power Connector


The kits based on the LizardEVB-Lite are LELK-L and LWCK-L.

The full Lizard Evaluation board (code name: Mistral) is a complete host board which provides all the Lizard's peripherals and much more, including an FPGA on-board. It is designed to allow customers to fully evaluate Lizard capabilities.


Price and availability

For further information about the Kit and the usage, please contact


Lizard Embedded Linux Kit - LELK


Lizard Embedded Linux Kit Download:

LELK 1.2.0

Current Lizard Linux kernel is 2.6.32.

It is directly derived from the git tree hosted HERE


Kit Contents

Lizard Embedded Linux Kit is composed by the following content:



  • Lizard Evaluation Board

  • Lizard CPU module - DLA7811x

  • U-Boot bootloader (source code and binaries)

  • Linux operating system (source code and binaries)

  • Full Lizard documentation (Manuals, User's Guides, Application Notes, Evaluation Board schematics, ...)

  • Periodic updates (documentation revisions, new Application Notes, new Design notes)
  • LELK Application Notes
  • LELK Design Notes


Lizard Evaluation Kit - LELK Description & Version

Please visit DAVE Embedded Systems Developer's Wiki for further information.


Technical Support


Price and availability

For further information about the Kit and the usage, please contact

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