Long Term BSP maintenance: assure customers' stability


Internet Of Things is reality and all new devices are going to be connected together. This brings to security problems in any embedded systems. The most important rule to prevent any issue on the field is the capability of any new embedded systems to be update remotely and/or easily factory re-configured. DAVE Embedded Systems is active on this activities since Linux O.S. was introduced on its products. updates via ethernet/wifi and full recovery mode from USB sticks and/or SD cards are today a standard functionality available.

Maintain the kernel BSP update is very important, for this reason DAVE Embedded Systems' team proposes solutions for BSP maintenance on Long Term Stability (LTS) Kernels which permits to have the new kernel for off the shelf and custom product as soon as possible in order to keep safe the application installed on the field.

For more information about technical aspects and/or license cost don't hesitate to contact DAVE Embedded Systems' team (mail to: sales@dave.eu)

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