IEC 61131-Logic LAB: a standard on industrial automation application


Industrial Automation is typically driven by PLC technologies. Many programmers have huge expertise on those devices and have millions of source code written in IEC 61131 language. For these reason, DAVE Embedded Systems has invested in this direction together with its partner Axel Software.

LogicLab is an IEC 61131-3 development environment, the most widespread standard for programming industrial controls. It has been designed in order to satisfy the needs and meet the skills of people who develop industrial applications.

LogicLab makes easy to reuse software components in C/C++ language (de facto standard in embedded systems programming) as library blocks which are available to the programmer.

In short, LogicLab allows you to preserve the value of the software you have already produced and to benefit from the skills which your staff has acquired.

For more information on how to use IEC 61131 and DAVE Embedded Systems' products contact the DAVE Embedded Systems' team (mail to:

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