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In this section are collected a number of several DAVE Embedded Systems' experiences in the Industrial Automation sector. Here are collected some case histories, some application notes and some technical notes about this topic. Additionally also some videos maybe shared. All these information are here listed in order to provide a wide view about the DAVE Embedded SYstems' Know How and expertise in order to help decision makers to view if DAVE Embedded Systems can be the right partner for the required project.

Case Histories

 CASE HISTORY: IoT and Space applications: a success story

 CASE HISTORY: An IoT Case History: the X-Poles success story

 CASE HISTORY: Embedded system device creation: professional oven design case history

 CASE HISTORY: A complete embedded device solution design: a professional oven case history

 CASE HISTORY: The typical GUI design and development: the vending machine case history

 CASE HISTORY: Agricolture and embedded technologies: a simple GPU design

 CASE HISTORY: Space-grade IC validation device design and support

 CASE HISTORY: Road marking vehicle control system: the best fit for BORA SOM

 CASE HISTORY: Embedded System design for electric bike recharge station

 CASE HISTORY: Embedded technology for IEC 61131 PLC device

Application Notes

Assymetric Multiprocessing Application example

XUELK-AN-005: Implementing an Industrial IoT gateway/supervisor

BELK-AN-001: Asymmetric Multiprocessing (AMP) on Bora – Linux FreeRTOS

XUELK-AN-007: USB Camera input on i.MX6UL-based platforms

XUELK-AN-007: USB Camera input on i.MX6UL-based platforms


Technical Notes

MISC-TN-006: Implementing a full Industrial IoT system with SBCSPG, Eclipse Kura™, and Eclipse Kapua™

MISC-TN-001: Triple video output on i.MX6 DualPlus-based Android platform

MISC-TN-002: The scalability of the Axel family: a real-world example

MISC-TN-003: Asymmetric multiprocessing on NXP i.MX6SoloX

MISC-TN-007: Using Node-RED on SBCSPG to develop zero code applications



video tutorial about QT and DIVA SOM based on TI AM335x

An Industrial CASE History: Smart Camera applied to Industrial devices

DAVE Embedded Systems' manufacturing overview

Bring up of an embedded systems: the born of a new system!

Creating the first product testbench: the start of a new mass production product

Coating and Sealing of an Embedded Systems: where quality happens


Related Products

An industrial IoT solution: SBC Lynx based on NXP i.MX6 UL

An individual SOM for HMIs: AXEL Lite based on NXP i.MX6

Small, Flexible, Compact solution for Industry: AXEL ULite based on NXP i.MX6UL / i.MX6 ULL

Ready for Hard Real Time applications: BORA Lite based on Xilinx Zynq XC7007S / XC7010 / XC7020



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