Xenomai running on DAVE Embedded Systems' DIVA platform


Xenomai running on DAVE Embedded Systems' DIVA platform

DIVA Embedded Linux Kit (DIVELK) now supports Xenomai extension for Real Time applications.
DIVELK 2.0.0 release has been updated to the TI EZSDK 07.00.00 including the following main features:
- support for kernel Device Tree
- kernel version 3.12.10
- bootloader, kernel and root file system built using Yocto Dylan (1.4)

Starting from DIVELK 2.0.0, kernel version 3.14.0 (http://git.xenomai.org/ipipe.git) with Xenomai 2.6 patches (http://git.xenomai.org/xenomai-2.6.git) have been integrated.

With this kernel "xenomai-ready" it is possible to run Xenomai's applications like the latency test example with the following results:

RTT  00:00:22  (periodic user-mode task, 1000 us period, priority 99)

RTH ----lat min ----lat avg ----lat max -overrun ---msw ---lat best --lat worst
RTD       3.333us      4.874us    21.458us 0us 0us       3.208us   39.499us

Max latency is 39.5 microseconds with a 1ms tick.

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