Android 6.0 on DAVE Embedded Systems'6 i.MX6 solutions

This video demonstrate the NXP i.MX6 capabilities and the DAVE Embedded Systems'team duty to have always the latest news on embedded solutions. Porting Linux Kernel 4.1.x and Android 6.0 "Marshmellow" is a a new stpe in the Application SW support. In this video is showed - on a custom board - the complete standalone start up including splashscreens from UBoot, Linux and Android. All of them are customizable and this solution is completely available from DAVE Embedded Systems' team.

Standalone startup of QT5.6 on SBC Diva

This video shows how QT5.6 run on SBC Diva based on Texas Instruments AM335 SoC. The demo presents the Cinematic experience application from QT where it is possible to verify performances and capabilities of SBC DIva solution.
Moreover ADVE Embedded Systems' team has introduces an optimized boot configuration with bootloader splashscreen, linux splashscreen

How to setup and run Eclipse on DAVE Embedded Systems' solutions

This video describes how to setup an Eclipse envirronment using a Virtual Machine provided by DAVE Embedded Systems' team for their product. In particular this video shows how to setup and launch an "Hello World" demo

A smart camera proof of concept

A useful application by DAVE Embedded Systems based on SBC AXEL Freescale i.MX6 S/D/Q.
A smart camera proof of concept.
A product ready to be used.

DAVE Embedded Systems' BORA XILINX ZYNQ SoM with Lumineq Display

DAVE Embedded Systems with Lumineq Display (BENEQ) has developed a proof of concept display solution for industrial applications.

Double video controller on DAVE Embedded Systems' BORA platform (XILINX Zynq based solution)

Implementation of a double video controller on DAVE Embedded Systems' BORA platform (Zynq based).
The video controllers are fully independent, meaning that each one is assigned a dedicated frame buffer.

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