DAVE Embedded Systems' manufacturing video tour!

Nowdays everything is fast and quick. time to market is essential and all we are required to give the best possible service as soon as possible. but there are still some passions and jobs where quality and know how are still the most important factors....

QT5.9 running on AXEL ULite SOM based on NXP i.MX6UL

In this short video, a QT APP is running over QT 5.9 on NXP i.MX6 UL This processor has not HW video accleration. Thanks to QT 5.9 it is possible to run anyway application with very good results on performances!

Simultaneous WIFI HDMI and LVDS displays on NXP i.MX6 + Android 6

In these video it is possible to appreciate the video capabilities of NXP i.MX6 Dual Plus platform. DAVE Embedded Systems' team has integrated on the same platform a native HDMI display, a Dual LVDS 1080p60 display and a remote WIFI 1080p30 display. All displays show, once connected, the Android 6 Marshmellow envirronment syncronized.

Video capturing and streaming on NXP i MX6 UL

NXP i MX6 UL is a Cortex-A7 platform without any video HW accellerator on board. For this reason it may be difficult to capture, manipulate and display a video on a screen with this platform.

Get smart with SMART package manager on ZYNQ

This tutorial shows how to use SMART Package manager on DAVE Embedded Systems' BORA System On Module solutions. With this tool provided by the Yocto project it is possible to update and integrate the RFS just by a command line process thanks to the pre-build packages provided by DAVE Embedded Systems on its servers.

Video MPEG and QT5.9 LTS running on i.MX6 UL

NXP i.MX6 Ultra Lite is a low power high efficiency CPU designed for low power application for IoT. Neverthless the device has some interesting video capabilities for simple HMIs. In this video we shows some results we obtained on this platform based on NXP i.MX6 UL SOC

Embedded World 2017 - day 1 news bytes

Embedded World 2017 - day 1 some news bytes about DAVE Embedded Systems, their products, how we started the day and how we completed successfully our tasks!

Embedded World 2017 - preview

Preview of embedded world 2017... some shots during booth setup
Come and visit us at our stand HALL 4-481

Simultaneous dual IP video decoding H264

In this video is shown a simple video streaming application where 2 video streaming are delivered to the target platform.

Tutorial about QT demo on SBC Diva

How to launch an APP on linux embedded via NFS, how to save the APP in SD and create a standalone launcher are very common questions DAVE Embedded Systems' team answers every day supporting its customers.
For this reason, the tutorial explains these phases by examples using the SBC DIva as target board and the evaluation kit environment created by DAVE Embedded Systems.

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