SBC DIVA based on Texas Instruments AM335x
BORA Xpress
march press review
30 March 2015

Available for you the March web Press Review.

cynetis embedded
16 March 2015

DAVE Embedded Systems and Cynetis Embedded are now partners to offer support DAVE Embedded Systems’ products to its Customers in France.

09 March 2015

DAVE Embedded Systems demonstrates Matrix multiply HLS IP with DAVE Embedded Systems BORA kit at Embedded World 2015

03 March 2015

Available for you the February web Press Review.

DAVE Embedded Systems @ Embedded World 2015
  • #DAVE Embedded Systems enables customers to focus on their own added value #embedded #som #cpu 15 hours ago
  • #DAVE #bora Xpress offers great computational power, thanks to the rich set of peripherals, the Dual Cortex-A9 and the Artix-7 FPGA inside 18 hours 6 min ago
  • Single Board Computers are quickly becoming a staple in the maker world as the go-to development board #Embedded 18 hours 23 min ago

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